Sydney Pargeter Reserve

Sydney Pargeter was a councillor of the Shire of Berwick from 1965 to 1973. He was also one of the first councillors of the City of Berwick from 1973 to 1992 and Mayor in 1982-83. Reference: Place Names of Berwick by Dr Debbie Stephan. Published 1994 by the City of Casey.  

James Alexander Reserve

James Alexander plaque Transcription ~ Jim Alexander ~ Jim Alexander grew up in the Berwick-Dandenong area. His mother’s parents / lived on a Soldier Settlement farm in Clyde Road after World War 1. Like many other locals Jim Alexander believed this / reserve with its extensive views and stand of casuarina forest / made it… Read More

Endeavour Hills

Conceived during the bicentenary of Cook’s discovery of the east coast of Australia, Endeavour Hills narrowly missed being called Piney Ridge or Pine Hills and was named in honour of  James Cook and the crew and scientists aboard HMS Endeavour. Endeavour Hills was proclaimed as a suburb on 28 October 1974. Consequently, many streets in… Read More

Rod Lavin Reserve

Sydney Parkinson Reserve

  Sydney Parkinson was employed by Sir Joseph Banks to make water-colour drawings of specimens and to sketch birds and animals on the Endeavour’s  1768-1771 voyage. He was a very talented natural history artist. So talented in fact, that during this voyage he drew 94 specimens collected at Botany Bay in just fourteen days. Sydney… Read More

Charles Green Reserve

  Born in 1735 in Yorkshire, England, Charles Green was the astronomer aboard the Endeavour. Together with James Cook, he observed the transit of Venus on the 3 June 1769 at Tahiti – the Endeavour’s first voyage. The Endeavour left Tahiti on 13 July 1969 for New Zealand, the east coast of Australia including the… Read More

Barry Simon Reserve

Barry Douglas Simon was the federal member for McMillan (1975-1980) and first mayor of the City of Berwick. Source: Parliament of Australia Home of: Mossgiel Park Junior Football Clug Lyndhurst Vikings Cricket Club Kandy Sports Club

Lorraine Kovacs Reserve

  Lorraine E. Kovacs was a councillor for the City of Berwick (1986-1989) and was mayor of the City of Berwick 1988-89. Source: The Australian Women’s Register