Our first milestone – we’ve reached a ton!

Our 100th post, the RJ Chambers Flora and Fauna Reserve in Pakenham Upper  has just gone live. It’s been a long road, but we’re now starting to pick up speed. Our volunteers are getting the hang of it all and bringing back 100s of photos (literally). Our administrators are getting the hang of making all the information ‘fit’ into the parameters of this website and the main database that holds all the information we’re collecting about each location. It hasn’t been easy, each site is unique and so, requires slightly different treatment than the one before, so it’s all taking time but, Rome wasn’t built in day – or so they say.

So far we’ve got the usual and expected array of street signs, honour boards, donor boards, memorial plaques, opening ceremony plaques, war memorials, parks, gardens and reserves. We’ve also found a housing estate, a student essay award, a coronation tree, memorial scoreboard and a centenary log.

We have had a good response to the project so far, we are very grateful to those who have already given their time to open various halls, churches or other buildings to allow us to photograph and transcribe the monuments and memorials in their care for all to share. We have also been extremely lucky to have others who know about different monuments and memorials take time out and talk to us, sharing what they remember. We would welcome contact by others in the Casey Cardinia area who would like to take part by having their particular monuments or memorials included.

And, I think perhaps we’ll take a minute or two at our next monuments and memorials meeting to give ourselves a pat on the back. I think we’ve come such a long way, who knows what the next 100 postings will bring?

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